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The Future of Aerial Side Trimming


Aerial Solutions, Inc. (ASI) was the first company to pioneer the aerial saw in 1985 providing electric utilities, pipelines, and railroads with an efficient and effective tool for side trimming rights-of-way. The gasoline-powered aerial saw has been the “work horse” of aerial side trimming and has been used effectively for over 110,000 hours for more than 20 customers throughout the United States. While providing services to our customers, the aerial saw also provides the environmental benefit of making a low impact on land resources as the saw does not require vehicular travel across sensitive areas.

As part of ASI’s devotion to provide the most efficient and cost effective side trimming options to our customers, ASI research and development team is always working on new improvements to make our operation the best in the industry.  In a further effort to improve the environment and “go green,” ASI’s research and development department has announced the development of the first electric-powered saw. The e-saw prototype has been successfully tested and has proven to be just as effective in trimming as the gas saw. ASI will continue to develop and refine the use of the “clean and green” e-saw so that it can be an option to be used in the future to provide the same efficient side trimming benefits as are currently being provided to our customers.

The e-saw provides several important environmental benefits:

·         The e-saw relies on battery power rather than fossil fuels resulting in the environmental benefit of lower carbon emissions.

·         It weighs significantly less than the conventional gas saw which results in a small reduction in fuel consumption for the helicopter: also resulting in fewer emissions.

·         It has a lower noise profile than the gas-powered saw.

The e-saw can trim as well as the gas powered saw but since the e-saw is electric there are a few limitations that include:

·         The battery life is short.

·         Battery recharge time negates some of the environmental benefits.

·         Recharge time increases cost to operate.

Unfortunately, battery research and development has not kept pace with the need for longer power storage. ASI will continue to follow battery industry research and development in hopes that a battery with a longer storage life will be developed in the near future.

As part of Aerial Solutions, Inc. dedication to providing the most efficient, cost effective, and economical trimming business to the industry, our guarantee to customers is continuous research to make the aerial side trimming operation better.

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