Aerial Solutions History

Aerial Solutions, Inc. is a North Carolina based, family-owned business that pioneered the use of helicopters for side trimming of rights-of-way in 1985. Aerial Solutions started as a one-ship operation and has since grown into a multi-helicopter operation working throughout the Eastern, Southeastern, and Mid-Western United States.  Since 1985, Aerial Solutions has aerially side trimmed thousands of miles of rights-of-way for more than 26 utility, pipeline companies, and governmental agencies.

Aerial Solutions designs, engineers, and fabricates the air saw and associated equipment at its North Carolina operations facility.  Through the work of its in-house research and development team, Aerial Solutions is constantly striving to improve the efficiency, mobility, and flexibility of its operation in order to provide better service to our customers.

The versatility and speed of the aerial saw provides our customers with an efficient and cost effective alternative to conventional side trimming methods in all types of terrain. The saw provides maximum lateral clearances from vegetation encroaching into a right-of-way, saving our customers both time and money while improving service reliability.