Safety is a core value at Aerial Solutions that is practiced by all company employees every day. Our pilots have logged thousands of safe flight hours in external load operations.

ASI pilots are highly trained professionals who have extensive experience flying the aerial saw in right-of-way conditions and over all types of terrain. New pilots receive concentrated training that can take up to two years before they are qualified to fly external loads on their own.                 

Aerial Solutions pilots receive annual training, Biennial Flight Reviews, and certification through McDonnell-Douglas’ Recurrency Training Program.

ASI conducts formal safety programs at scheduled times during the year for our pilots and our ground support crews. Our Operations and Safety manuals conform to all OSHA requirements and provide definitive safety policies and operational procedures that are designed to protect our employees, our customers, and the public.

Aerial Solutions complies with federal requirements that our pilots and crews be enrolled in a substance abuse program. Our pilots and ground crews are regularly tested at approved drug testing facilities to ensure that they are always drug-free and fit to fly.