Ground Crewman Training

Aerial Solutions has a staff of experienced ground crewmen that are capable of performing routine maintenance as well as diagnostics and troubleshooting on the air saw.  They also have a vital role in Aerial Solutions' Emergency Action Plan as the field safety officer for the crew.  They are also the crew point of contact while the pilot is performing air saw operations.

All field crew, pilots and ground crewmen, receive initial training at ASI before being assigned to field operations where they undergo further training with an experienced crew.  All hires will receive training in hazardous materials carried on the job, truck familiarity, saw maintenance and operation, billing and other ASI paperwork, DOT paperwork, and emergency procedures.

Ground crewmen also receive annual air saw update training at our facility.  When a change is made in the operation or design of the air saw, all ground crewmen receive the proper training in how to use the new updated air saw.