Air Saw

Aerial Solutions uses an aerial power saw attached to a MD 500 series helicopter to side trim rights-of-way for major power, pipeline, railroads, and governmental agencies.

Aerial side trimming provides maximum lateral clearances from vegetation that could cause safety or reliability issues. Unlike most conventional side trimming methods, the air saw is capable of trimming the vegetation canopy from sky to ground. This can be accomplished in rough terrain and locations that are difficult to access with little or no impacts to natural resources such as wetlands, riparian crossings, and other sensitive areas.

The air saw is most effective when utilized as part of an Integrated Vegetation Management Program. Maximum clearance and efficiency is achieved in combination with other techniques for managing brush and trees on the ground.

The air saw has been shown to be highly productive and efficient when compared to the work of ground based crew. In one hour, an aerial saw can trim as much as can be completed by conventional ground crews in one or more days. 

A few of our customers include: