Helicopter Maintenance
Aerial Solutions' full service maintenance department maintains its fleet of aircraft. Our maintenance program is designed to maximize safety and minimize down-time. All maintenance meets or exceeds strict FAA guidelines. Aerial Solutions’ mechanics have a combined experience of over 100 years of working on the MD 500.

Field level mechanics are strategically located in satellite offices across the country to ensure that there is always a mechanic in close proximity to the helicopter. Each mechanic's service truck is equipped with a full inventory of spare parts as well as tools to perform any maintenance function necessary in the field.

All of Aerial Solutions' mechanics hold an A&P and an IA rating.*  Most of them also hold a pilot’s license.

* Explanation of Mechanic's Ratings:
A mechanic who has an 
Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) rating has the ability and the authority to inspect and perform maintenance on aircraft. An additional rating on the mechanic's certificate is an Inspection Authorization (IA).  This allows our mechanics to perform annual inspections on our aircraft and sign off for return to service on major repairs.  A mechanic who has an IA rating has been a licensed and practicing A&P for at least 3 years before he or she can take the IA exam.